Are you currently blogging for a living? Or have you dreamed of enjoying a simpler life through an online career? There are many benefits to being self employed and the freedom that comes with it. We have seen a trend of people looking to transition to a simpler lifestyle and internet based businesses are becoming more and more popular. From selling antiques on eBay, performing SEO/marketing services, creating web design for small companies or running your own blog for advertising revenue... It seems like the options are nearly endless.

Would you like additional info on a specific property or do you not see exactly what you're looking for?
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Unfortunately, we are only able to finance land from our website.

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We offer 100% OWNER FINANCING on nearly all of our properties, nearly always requiring only $600 to cover all closing costs. Country Places, Inc. will finance a tract of land for up to 30 years with no prepayment penalties. In addition, anything paid over the regular payment will go towards the principal. The interest rate with nothing down starts at 8.5% and can be bought down with a down payment. Optionally, a down payment in increments of 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% will each lower the interest rate by 1 point, to a maximum low of 4.5%. The lowest rate is 4.5% with at least 20% down. For those who wish to purchase 2 tracts, a 5% down payment is required. We offer this flexible owner financing to make it easier for people to purchase land. We keep our contracts simple and straightforward with no hidden fees. Everything can be done via mail with notarized signatures. Going to the bank for a land loan is often difficult, very time consuming and even with a sizeable down payment the interest rates are often very high. We are here to help you attain your dream of owning a little piece of the country.

  • No Down Payment On Most Properties
  • No Credit Check
  • Low Closing Cost - $600 in nearly all cases
  • Loan Terms up to 30 years
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Extra amounts paid are applied to loan principal
  • APR rates as low as 4.5%
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Simple and straightforward contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • All paperwork can be completed via mail or other delivery service with notarized signatures
  • We are proud to support our active duty and military Veterans who give their all to protect our freedoms. In order to provide a "thank you," we offer a 5% military discount on all of our land for sale.
  • Discounts available for cash purchases

The table below is an example of a $35,000 loan after paying the closing cost plus any down payment listed below.  Choose any loan term up to 30 years.  Examples of 20 and 30 year loan payments are shown.  Contact us to calculate any other term.  All interest rates are fixed rates.

$35,000 Loan
Payment Example

Down Payment


Interest Rate


30 Year Payment


20 Year Payment

0% ($0) - 8.5% APR - $269.12 - $303.74
5% ($1,750) - 7.5% APR - $232.49 - $267.86
10% ($3,500) - 6.5% APR - $199.10 - $234.86
15% ($5,250) - 5.5% APR - $168.92 - $204.65
20% ($7,000) - 4.5% APR - $141.87 - $177.14

Collections Policy

We understand that these are somewhat difficult financial times, and we believe that an understanding of our policies will enable each of our customers to eventually pay out the land that has been contracted. A copy of our collection policy is available here.